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But, in a significant switch, the Boy Scouts recently announced they will now be accepting girls into their ranks. All would be well and good, except for the fact that this transition resulted in a lawsuit for trademark infringement. Since its inception in , BSA has attracted over million participants.

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  7. Boy/Girl Battle.

At its peak, the Boy Scouts had over 4 million participants, but membership has declined to almost half that due to a multitude of issues. Many commentators argued that the Boy Scouts decided to admit girls in order to try to reverse their declining enrollment numbers. Others argued that the change is a response to the social backlash over first, the exclusion, and then the inclusion, of gay scoutmasters.

Boy/Girl Battle

The values of Scouting—trustworthy, loyal, helpful, kind, brave and reverent, for example—are important for both young men and women. The Girl Scouts was founded in and reports 50 million alumni, 1. A complaint has been filed, a judge has been assigned to the case, and, as of the time of this writing, the Boy Scouts need to complete a response. Malloy] borrowed. And yes, it was indeed the middle-school boys with Halloween masks who hate them.

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  • And Eddie has their flashlight. The girls compose a ransom note that Caroline has to give to Wally in school. While she waits to give it to him, she draws a picture of Miss Applebaum and gives her claws, fire-breathing nostrils, and so on. Ah, to be in fourth grade again.

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    Sometimes I do love you, Wally. ILU Wally. Caroline panics, because now the boys have something on them, and her sisters will kill her. So in revenge, Caroline steals Mr. God, everything about this book fills me with a childlike glee. Blah blah blah Mr.

    Hatford tells the boys to stop bothering with the Malloys. Aaand fast-forward to Back-to-School Night in Buckman! Do they even have a TV? In the whole town? The boys go off and hide and Wally counts down when suddenly , there is a mysterious wailing noise! Of course. I have to admit, though, this is totally creepy. But wait!

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    They figure out that the girls are on the roof and steal the ladder. Does anyone in this town even own a TV? How will they watch the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air like all the other kids their age? Maybe Phyllis-Reynolds Naylor learned not to make real-world references after name-dropping Michael Jackson in an Alice book? The boys head off with the ladder, gloating all the way.

    Oh, no. Never gloat! Have you learned nothing? So the girls open the trapdoor in the roof and let rain in. And then the Hatford parents come home so the girls have to jump into the house and leave through the front door. It is awkward turtles. Hatford totally figures it out though. I wonder if Mr. Malloy are giving any thought as to how they raise their children. Crazy Caroline. Anyway, Wally and a bunch of boys from their class are hiding in the theater and mock her, blah blah fourth grade shenanigans blah. Again: Wally is such a hilarious asshole. On the other hand, this is totally something the boys in my class would have done in fourth grade.

    Caroline is going to be really thirsty, methinks. A while later, the Hatfords come back and the boys hang out in the yard. Josh is drawing a picture of Caroline and they all mock her.

    The Girls' Revenge

    That crazy Caroline! What will she do next? Seriously, is there anything else they could do? Is there no TV or radio in West Virginia? On the other hand, it occurs to me that this book was only published in Also, I do not understand how Caroline can be gone for hours and her parents not get the least suspicious.

    They compose a vaguely witty ransom note, cackling over their good fortune, when all of a sudden Wally takes a break from being a jerk and points out that the shed can get really hot in the afternoons. Like…their old dog got distemper and died in there. So they open the door and check on her, and lo, Caroline is foaming at the mouth and trying to chew her own arm off.

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    I thought you guys were smart. Just saying. Though I think it would be mildly interesting if the book that starts out with the sisters faking her death ends with her actually dying. I thought she was only in there for about twenty minutes! Bitch probably has heat illness at the very least! And Mrs. Hatford thinks the Malloys are bad parents?

    And then the Hatford parents pull into the driveway. Caroline, meanwhile, is wondering how long she can roll around on the floor of the shed with melted marshmallows in her mouth. I kind of love you, Caroline. Anyway, Beth and Eddie show up and open the shed, and there Caroline is, with a marshmallow on her head.

    The boys are shamed and the girls laugh uproariously.