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It threatens majority of jobs, including high skill jobs. If machines become better than humans in both physical and cognitive abilities, then we simply have no competitive edge over them, which makes the current threat of automation such a major concern. When the first ATM machine was introduced 50 years ago, it was assumed that it would lead to the unemployment of human bank tellers.

After all, if a machine could dispense cash and take deposits, what role did a human teller have to play?

The Mathematical Poet: Exploring Edgar Allan Poe’s Logical Imagination

How did this happen? When ATM machines were first introduced, the number of tellers employed by banks went down as expected. About one third of human tellers employed in banks lost their jobs. With fewer tellers per branch, banks realized that it had become a lot cheaper to open a bank branch.

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As a result, the number of branches operated by each bank increased. More bank branches created a need for more tellers. However, these tellers were not doing the same routine work. In other words, their job description went from routine work which a machine could do better to more cognitively demanding tasks.

Therefore, instead of automation leading to unemployment, it will merely lead to a shift in the nature of work. On the other hand, physical jobs in unpredictable environments have little risk of automation. These include jobs such as nursing, elder care, child care, plumbing, and so on. Additionally, routine but mentally demanding jobs — such as data collection and processing — are highly susceptible to automation. People who work in fields like back-office transaction processing, paralegal work, mortgage origination, accounting, and so on might soon be replaced by machines and software programs.

Coined by Rita J. The most in-demand skills in the imagination economy will be soft skills, which are a lot more difficult for machines to master. Jobs of the future will also require more social and emotional skills as well as critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.

While it is impossible to predict with absolute certainty what jobs of the future will look like, below are some skills that will help you thrive in the coming economy. Creativity is the ability to come up with new ideas and to come up with solutions by finding connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena. While machines are better than humans at analyzing information and making calculations, they are poor at coming up with new, abstract ideas and thinking outside the confines of well-defined rules.

Machines may be better than humans at several things, but we are yet to get to a point where we can trust them to do the critical thinking for us. As such, people with high critical thinking skills will still be in demand in jobs of the future. These people will be need to constantly analyze situations, consider multiple solutions and make up decisions while taking into account the various implications of their decisions in an increasingly complex world.

As machines take over manual and technical jobs, people will need to work together and collaborate on a whole new level in order to come up with solutions for global problems, such as climate change, poverty, inequality, pollution, and overpopulation. This will increase the need for highly emotionally intelligent people who excel at interpersonal interaction and who have great listening skills , empathy , responsiveness and self-awareness. As we march into a new world driven by an over-reliance on technology, we will face complex problems we have never experienced before.

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Solving these complex problems will require the mental flexibility to adapt to the new world and think in new, unconventional ways in order to come up with solutions. In addition, the world will continue changing rapidly. What works today might be absolute by tomorrow. People will need the mental flexibility to adapt to the constantly changing world and remain on top of the situation.

People who can display this mental flexibility and complex problem solving abilities will be in high demand in the imagination economy. Even as automation takes up existing jobs, there will be need for further innovation and technological progress. The increased usage of the internet is generating huge amounts of data, creating the need for analytics to make use of this data. As we move into the future, these technologies will become even more important, leading to increased demand for people skilled in social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies.

You will need to pull information from diverse fields and use it to come up with out of the box solutions to future problems. As we march towards the future, there will be need for educational reforms in order to prepare students for the future workplace. One of the problems of education as we know it today is that it was designed for the industrial age, yet we left the industrial age a long time ago.

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We are currently living in the information age and we have already started the transition into the imagination age. The focus on content knowledge and grades has grown obsolete. The current education system was designed for routine and fixed procedure. Currently, we are taught how to do something once and then we spend the rest of our lives doing it.

The New Deal in the American Political Imagination

That these skills cannot be learnt. You are either born with it or not. In addition, majority of people believe that imagination and creativity are only important for those whose jobs are officially creative, such as designers and artists. Both these lines of thought are totally wrong. Like any other skills, creativity and imagination can be learnt. These skills are also important for people across all professional backgrounds.

Scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, doctors, writers, lawyers, corporate leaders and all other professions have a lot to gain by being creative and imaginative. To enhance creativity and imagination skills, schools should place more emphasis on multi-disciplinary thinking. Students should also be encouraged to take part in the active creation of information, rather than simply being passive consumers.

They should be encouraged to conduct experiments and use the knowledge gained from these experiments to actively solve problems. Other ways of enhancing creativity and imagination skills among students is to have them take part in imagination-enabling activities, such as creative writing, arts, reading and watching creative books and films, and self-reflection. As businesses deploy more robots and automate business processes, it is inevitable that a significant number of workers will get displaced from their jobs. Deployment of these robots and algorithms will also create new jobs that will need a human workforce.

However, employees will need to relearn different skills in order to take up these emerging jobs. Workers who work in process based roles which are highly susceptible to automation will need to learn skills that allow them to work alongside machines or to be in charge of these machines.

Even employees who are in positions that are not facing a lot of threat from automation should expand their skills to help them prepare for the increasingly unpredictable future of work. Fortunately, there are numerous online classes, workshops, seminars and community college classes that workers can take advantage of to gain these important skills. Companies and organizations in industries that are highly susceptible to automation should also provide opportunities for retraining and re-skilling for workers whose roles are most likely to be displaced by automation.

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Class Options 5e Subclasses.

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