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In fact, this practice is thousands of years old and still going strong because of proven results. Everyone wants to reduce stress, improve their balance and get general health benefits. Trust that your Purpose can be as simple as simply stepping fully into being fully YOU, as you are now no tweaks or modifications necessary.

Trust that you were put here to impact the world in the exact way that you already impact the world. When you recognize the impact that you have on the people around you, it becomes less about you, and more about being of service. It takes the head-game out of trying to figure it all out, and it is WAY simpler than believing purpose has to be something holier-than-thou. Think about it. Be intentional with it. It might even be the foundation for your new creative career… you never know.

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The more intentional you are with it, the clearer it becomes that this is exactly what you are meant to be doing with your life. The more you tell the world that you have this gift, the more you share it with everyone around you, and the more you believe that it really does matter, the bigger impact you will have.

But most importantly, the more you can stop trying to complicate it, to make it harder than it is, the better. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs get crazy clear on their Purpose, so they have the courage and confidence to create anything they want in their businesses and lives. You can find Rebecca at The Uncaged Life. Becca this work is awesome. I totally get where you are coming from with the nomadic lifestyle.

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I currently am using all my talents at once and yes it took me a while to figure out I was already doing what I was good at and it was enough. The multitasking and balance is a challenge but I think thats half the fun. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration and to Michelle for giving you a place to broadcast your message! Thanks name-twin! I think people with a lot of interests have it the worst!

Thanks for the comment! First, I love the photo! Developing the trust to move forward can be the most challenging piece.

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Thank you for recognizing that this is hard work and something most of us have to review and revise from time to time. Ohh Megan, doing this work with high school students would be a whole different story! I remember the fear I had in high school about not having any idea what I wanted to do…. Pay attention to why you love what you love, would have been more appropriate!

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Farmers do this work for us now, and we trade the money we earn through our jobs at the supermarket for our food. This is the way we provide.

  • Living with a House Rabbit.
  • Duet: Astrid Fry Kills a Man & A Hired Gun (Duets by Mike Broemmel Book 5);
  • The Limits of Morality (Oxford Ethics Series).

To hunt, to fight, to protect and provide. As men we have a natural desire to become physically strong, to train ourselves to be mentally focused, and emotionally resilient, traits that would have served us well in our quest to become the best hunters and protectors we could be. In the wild if you are not present, grounded and unwavering in your focus, it could mean the difference between life and death, not only for you, but your fellow brothers as well.

Without these opportunities in modern life, we are left to attempt to recreate these opportunities in modern life. Some men attempt to do it through fantasy, in a passive way through first person shooter or roleplaying video games.

Others try to express their warrior prowess through sports. The drive is still there, it simply becomes filtered through the realities of modern life, forcing many men to settle for a paltry substitute of what their bodies really yearn to experience: risk, danger, freedom. Not for simple amusement, but because we must, to provide and protect those we love.

That is purpose. I believe that men seeking to reclaim their wildness would be well served to find outlets and opportunities for hunting and fighting that are as close as possible to their original forms. Though I have no interest in joining a military, fighting for causes I might not necessarily agree with, I do have an interest in honing my skills as a martial artist, even if those might not be the most practical in our world of machine guns and drones. Similarly, while is may not become your way of life or the standard from which you procure food, I also believe that men seeking to uncage would benefit from experience killing for the sake of providing in their lives, whether that be through fishing or hunting wild game.

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For the vast majority of us, fighting and hunting will never be our full time occupations. I believe we can do much better than living a life of quiet desperation at a job we hate, sacrificing for our families in the name of providing. The uncaged man knows this. To truly realize your potential, you must uncover a purpose that you feel in your gut, your heart and your balls. Something that burns within you and fills you with terror.

A real man makes it his life mission to live a purpose where fear is his compass, constantly guiding him to know whether or not he is on the right path. No fear in your heart, no wrenching in your gut? You are on the right track. If we are to actualize our true potential as men, we must work to clearly see our gifts, then seek to find where these gifts align with a deep need in the world.

This is not easy work. It can require years of flailing, desperate seeking and deliberately resting in the agonizing discomfort of uncertainty. Stepping into the uncertainty, letting go of that desperate grasping is the leap that leads you into being open to uncovering your purpose. When you embrace not knowing, now your mission is to make as much space as possible for solitude, reflection, and listening to where life is trying to guide you.

You may need to isolate yourself in a cabin for a week, spend an hour in silence every morning for months, or wander through the city at night in order to hear what life is trying to tell you. The more you disconnect from the noise, and all the inputs, demanding your attention, trying to lead you into side routes that are deadends, the better.

When you uncover your true purpose, you will discover that it has no destination, no limit. It is a no end path. A true purpose is something so large, so deep that you will likely not not completing it. No matter. The joy and fulfillment is in the path, not in the arrival.