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Nehemiah had a vision to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. He asked God to bring him success in the carrying out of this vision and in gaining the support of the king. We read throughout his story that he believed that the work would be accomplished because of God. And in Nehemiah , when the wall was completed, we read that their enemies and all of the nations around them were afraid for they perceived that the work had been accomplished with the help of God.

Christian leaders need to depend on God for vision and the ability to carry it out. Nehemiah told the people that were to do the work of the hand of God that had was upon him for good and the words that the king had spoken to him. A leader has to be able to influence people to believe in the vision that they have cast, and believe that the leader can lead them to a better future. John Maxwell has said that people buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.

In chapter 5, Nehemiah dealt with problems among his own leaders.

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He was angry, and in confronting them told them that what they were doing was not right. Too often, leaders want to be liked by their team more than leading them. Either everyone likes you, or you lead them. Nehemiah demonstrated leadership courage in confronting his leaders.

Throughout this story, we read of opposition to the rebuilding of the wall that Nehemiah had to deal with. He steadfastly trusted God for success in the rebuilding of the wall, and this led him to be able to resist the opposition he faced from his enemies. Great leaders achieve results.

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The ability to deliver results is one of the primary things that organizations look for in leaders. Despite all of the obstacles that he had to deal with — from both his enemies and his own people — Nehemiah achieved incredible results, completing the work in only 52 days. In Nehemiah 12, we read of the celebration as the wall was dedicated. Celebrating successes is too rarely done by leaders. Once a goal is achieved, leaders often just go on to the next objective.

Leaders should stop and thank our teams for their hard work.

Seven Leadership Lessons That Apply to You

Just a simple pizza lunch with some of the leaders thanking the team for their efforts would let them know that they are appreciated. Nehemiah is an excellent example for us as a leader.

Leadership Lessons of Nehemiah, Pt. 3 (GCBI 107.11)

What would you add to this list? This article is part of a series of articles on leadership origianlly published at Bill Pence's blogsite, Coram Deo and appears here by permission. Jump to navigation Close Menu. Search form Search. Home About Events Contact Donate. We help Christians close the gap between Sunday worship and Monday work. Leadership Lessons from Nehemiah. Here are 7 leadership lessons that we can learn from Nehemiah: He was a man of prayer.

He had vision from God and depended on Him. He motivated the people. He demonstrated leadership courage. He effectively dealt with opposition. He delivered results.

Seven Leadership Lessons That Apply to You

He saw the vision and the goal destined for him. He was not a leader for what he can get or be enriched. When Nehemiah arrived, the people cried out because they were oppressed by the nobles and rulers. Nehemiah was angry and scolded the rulers, nobles and rebuked them. Why did they listen to Nehemiah? These are rulers and powerful men, and Nehemiah was nothing? This is because he was a leader who had already prevailed with God in prayer and brought God to the situation, and the people listened to him.

It was not because of his eloquence, or endowment, or natural talent as we heard from one of the quotes, but because of his prayerful life- power with God in prayer. Nehemiah and his people had many enemies and opponents. He appointed people who watched day and night against their enemies. So what do you do?

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You are very careful and watchful at all times. Listen to Nehemiah. The man was hired to kill him. Here was a man who was not afraid of threats or plots. He knew who was in control of his life and events in the world. It was that God that disciplined his people because of sin, and it is the same God of compassion who will bring them back. God controls events in life, not arrogant and envious men and women. God does not desire the death of sinners and Nehemiah knew it. When God disciplines us, it is that we repent and come back to Him. God protects the leader doing the right thing, and whose motive is right.

He was a man whose faith and hope was embedded in God. He knew the God of Israel what He can do- the God who is in control and who can do anything. His faith was not in people, but in the God of Israel. No enemy, or people or rulers or people hired could touch him or kill him. He became invisible because of his absolute trust and faith in the Lord. He did not deviate from what God sent him to do, or his vision and destiny to pursue other irrelevant material things that have destroyed the leader like money, women or sex, etc. He was completely focused to the burden of his struggling people.

That is what the leader should be concerned with — the problems of the people who elected him or her to serve: whether in politics, corporations, or churches temples and mosques or any leadership position. Nehemiah finished the work of rebuilding the wall and the city. This is a global crises causing global financial and economic unrest.

The turbulence seen all over the world stems from corrupt management of financial resources of the people by their leaders, thereby creating a global unrest. Even the healthcare could be struck down for the poor. A nation that oppresses the poor will not last long. The evidence of it is so visible down the history of empires and powerful nations.

See how Nehemiah scolded and reprimanded the rulers and nobles who oppressed the poor. Where is the hard work that characterized this country before and brought the world on the shores of America? That hard work made many immigrants able to enjoy the American dream, but these things are slipping away because of lack of moral principles, vision, goal and hard work.

How desperate we need leaders like Nehemiah who have power with God in prayer; leaders of moral integrity who fear God and love the people; who are compassionate and moved by the burden for the people they serve; who will encourage and build our broken cities and walls and create jobs for millions without jobs; leaders who will love and respect the people- black, white, red, yellow or pink, regardless of faith or religion; leaders who will commit to working hard, goal oriented and with vision; who know where they want to lead the people- to a better future God ordained for them; leaders who stand for what is right and fearless like Nehemiah.

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