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The North American entertainment industry is rapidly consolidating, and new modes of technological delivery challenge Canadian content regulations.

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An understanding of how Canadian culture negotiates its rapport with American genres has never been more timely. It situates close readings of literary, film, and television narratives from both English Canada and Quebec within a larger context of Canadian generic borrowing and innovation.

Stendhal, une sociologie romanesque - Jacques DUBOIS - Éditions La Découverte

Katherine Ann Roberts calls upon canonical works in Canadian studies, theories of genre, and a wide range of scholarship from border studies, cultural studies, and film studies to examine how genre is appropriated and sometimes reworked and how these cultural narratives engage with discourses of contemporary Canadian nationhood. The study of Montreal as a specific location in French and English writings has long been subordinated to the demands of linguistically divided and politically contentious narratives about national development.

In this cross-linguistic study, Patrick Coleman models an inclusive and post-national literary history of the city itself.

Tracing a sequence of moments in the emergence of the Montreal novel from World War II to the turbulent s, Equivocal City offers close readings of fourteen key works of fiction, focusing on the inner dynamic of their construction as well as the unexpected convergences and contrasts in the narrative structures they adopt and the aesthetic perspective they seek to achieve. Critically sophisticated but accessibly written, this book gives a sympathetic account of how writers in both languages struggled to give integrated artistic expression to their experience of a city that was still linguistically compartmentalized and culturally insecure.

By analyzing the interplay between story and narrative form, the book explores what French and English novelists could — and could not — imagine about the Montreal they sought to portray. From the responsible realism of Hugh MacLennan and Gabrielle Roy to the fractious phantasmagorias of Jacques Ferron and Leonard Cohen, Equivocal City traces the evolution of the Montreal novel with the aim of retrieving a shareable literary past.

With a billion-dollar industry centred in Montreal, the province of Quebec has established itself as a major hub for contemporary circus.


The National Circus School of Montreal — the only state-funded elite training facility in North America — is an influential leader in artistry and technique. Cirque Global is the first book-length study of this new variety of circus and its international impact. The contributors offer critical perspectives on this rapidly developing art form and its aesthetics, ethics, business practices, pedagogical implications, and discursive significations.

Cirque Global is the definitive study of the phenomenon of Quebec circus and is an important model for future research on contemporary circus. Crawford, Lucas. Rutgers University Press, , pp. Fraser, Graham. Mercier, Vivian.

Roof, Judith. Please send abstracts words , including title and short bio words to psardin u-bordeaux-montaigne. Presentations will be 20 minutes long.

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Les communications seront de 20 minutes. Bordeaux Montaigne. Mais le point de vue de leur simple contribution reste abstrait. Mais ce point de vue reste encore abstrait.

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Mais il n'y a pas de lutte des classes sans classes antagonistes. Mais ce point de vue de la lutte de classe dans les AIE reste encore abstrait.

Why care about opéra-comique?

Elle intervient dans la reproduction de la force de travail. Notes pour une recherche. Janvier-avril Avril Merci de nous soutenir en faisant un don aujourd'hui. Jean-Marie Tremblay, fondateur des Classiques des sciences sociales. Derniers ajouts. Nous joindre.