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View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Many years ago when studying for my yoga teaching diploma I borrowed a book from the local library wherein I found the answer to many of my yoga queries. The book was called Yoga - the Key to Life and was written by James McCartney, but try as I might to obtain a copy of this book my efforts were in vain. The Koshas, the Chakras, Ayurveda, also the three Gunas, which are the building blocks of all creation, and many other spiritual aspects of yoga are explained in an easily understood way.

Coupled with this is an immense area delving into bodywork, the muscles that we use in various postures, how to correct bad postural habits and increase joint freedom and flexibility. Don't expect glossy photographs: this is a functional book and the illustrations are simple sketches which are easy to understand. Common misalignments with posture caused by khyphosis, lordosis and knock knees are shown and are easily recognised.

There are two full page figures showing the muscular system, anterior and posterior views. The joint freeing series parvanmuktasana starting with the feet and ankles, moving up to knees, hips, torso and spine and finally the neck are easy to follow, showing flexions, extensions and rotations.

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