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Alex, Sascha and Margot as well as all the others we met along this adventure. Lot's of fun, exploring and great conversations. We were received ever so kindly and I hope everyone will have as much of a good time as I did. There are lots of little chores to do around the house to help and it's fun to feel … read more helpful and feel appreciated as well.

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He helped me by picking up Sascha at the station he's one of the … read more rare Canadian guys who know how to drive a manual car! Thanks a lot for all the help you provided me! It was very nice to visit this city with him, and we was always patient with all the kids, and even went out one evening with the 2 teenagers, he was, as usual, very responsible, payed attention to them and brought them back at the flat on time. I wish you to have the chance we had by hosting him!!! I stayed with Alex for 6 weeks and it was a very nice experience. She is a very optimistic, hospitable and lively person.

During the day she goes to work and the children are at school, but I was never lonely because of the other workaway girl Anne. She also stayed there at the same time.

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Together me and Anne, and sometimes even with another … read more workaway girl who stayed there before us, Amelia we visited some cities, we went out, made some beautiful walks in the nature saw the volcano! Alex even borrowed us her car to visit some of those things, or we took the bus and train very easy. We also went to some English nights French people coming together to speak English and met some great people there. Most of the chores consisted of cooking, cleaning, folding clothes Although sometimes she might appear a bit tough, and kinda is of course, she does raise 2 children by herself :!

I also enjoyed the conversations at or after dinner. I truly improved my French, there are lots of opportunities to speak it. Anne and I also spoke French with each other in the beginning, which helps I think, although we switched to English after a few weeks. Nienke stayed 6 weeks at home. A bit shy at the beginning, as soon as she felt that she was considered as a member of the family, she became very close to all the family!

She prepared for my birthday's evening a delicious meal with mussels, and she even stayed till the weekend for the big party, as I was 40 this year! Anne stayed 5 weeks at home.

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She's got a very good french level, and always want to improve it, by talking a lot, that was great, we could all have very nice discussions with her! She's an always happy girl, with a lot of energy! She even drove once to Sacha's school. She had many opportunities to visit around with Nienke, the Belgian girl at home at the same time, as I lent her often my car, to drive to Vichy, to the volcanos We also spent nice moments together, and I'm so glad as she decided to stay till my birthday, and she prepared with the kids my birthday's diner!

Lots of opportunities to talk French as well which is obviously great!

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It can be a bit quiet in the day but there's … read more usually another workawayer there which makes it more fun and that's when we got on with things like gardening which was the usual work we were involved in. Thank you as well to Sascha and Margot for letting me share your home! Both are great to chat to and Margot generously showed me around while she was on her Summer holiday : Just as a general word of advice to workawayers I would say that if you want to go to France to improve your language two weeks definitely isn't enough - I felt like I'd only just begun to improve by the time I was going home!

Isobel spent 2 weeks at home, just before our summer holidays. As soon as she arrived, we had the opportunity to swim in one of our beautiful lakes! Margot really enjoyed this moments! Ivan, the first Ukrainian guy I've ever hosted ;- , stayed one month. When the found it in their room just after his departure, they felt really thankful and sad at the same time, they are missing him I'm missing him too, he's so kind, helpful excellent cook, can also repair things in the house and so great with the kids when I had to work late , and we had so nice discussions!

Everything is easy with Ivan, he's always happy with everything the food, the things we do, the tasks B- During his stay, he spent one weekend visiting a French friend from a previous stay in France, so I'm confident, we will surely meet again! Whatever I write here is not enough to appreciate the month I've spent with this absolutely charming family.

Alex, Sascha and Margot became my family and I felt myself like I was home. The food was delicious, the evenings were cosy, the smiles were sincere. And it seems to be my first and at the same time my last Workaway experience cause I don't … read more think I could find another that amazing host. If you stay with Alex and her kids you'll understand what I mean. And I'll do my best to meet you again!

Alors genre merci grave et tout quoi! Kate spent 2 weeks at home, it was very nice for all of us : she's very helpful and so funny! She has such a great sense of humor! She already arrived with a great level in French, but she went on trying to improve it. And she's right about she said about English food : especially her chicken pie was so delicious!!! I spent 2 weeks with Alex, Sascha and Margot in Marsat and had such a great time! Unfortunately I arrived mid train strike but Alex was just as kind, cool and collected as ever… Sascha and Margot are both lovely and I very much enjoyed spending time with both of them whether it was just a walk to Carrefour, or a trip to Riom for "La Fete … read more de la Musique" which I loved!

We did lots of nice things together, barbecues, swimming in a lake, going out for drinks, going out for a meal. My French improved and she was happy to help if I was stuck on something. I learnt a lot when I was there including how to mow a lawn … and I think I may have convinced them that English food can be very tasty! Or at least I hope so! I spent a month with Alex and her family as my first workaway experience.

It was the perfect way for me to end my year in France and I will always look back on that month fondly.

There was usually at least one other workawayer with me. Together, we would clean the house, cook meals, garden, and babysit.

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Alex is a wonderfully positive soul who … read more manages to relate to just about anyone. She's so easy to talk to and has lots of funny and interesting stories. Not only that, but she's also sincerely interested in the stories of others. Her children are a joy to work with. Margot is 12 and really mature. It was so fun being a girly girl with her, painting our nails, doing hair and watching Grey's Anatomy. Sascha is 17 and also really silly! It was great getting to see his school to see the things he worked on. Ask him about the music CD that his grandma gave to him and he'll very enthusiastically put it on for you.

They were all really nice and welcoming. We were even invited to go swimming a couple of times!

It was during this workaway experience that I felt truly immersed in French culture and became fluent in French. I highly recommend this experience! Thank you so much, Alex, Margot and Sascha! Pauline was planed to stay 3 weeks, but in fact she stayed one month as she didn't find another host after us, and as it was great to have her at home!

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From her arrival, it was a good experience, the first time I met her, we spent all afternoon visiting Clermont, and we had so nice discussions as we already knew each other for a long time! Her … read more French level is great, and can also make jokes in French! A very good experience! My 4 weeks stay with Alex and her family was a wonderful begin of my workaway experience in France. I was integrated in the family life and was able to learn to know her family and her friends which was really good to improve my french and further I got in contact with the french way of life.

She showed me her wonderful region Auvergne when we … read more made a trip on top of a volcano and I went out with the family to visit Clermont-Ferrand or doing some pubs with her friends. Even the little workload allowed it to discover the region on your own by hiking through hilly forests. Furthermore I want to thank her lovely children Sascha and Margot.

They had been very patient with my language deficiency and they always made me feel happy to be with them. In the end I was able to spent my last days with the family and Richard at the mediterrenean sea during the holidays where we were hiking alongside the beautiful coast and had the chance to swim in the end of april!

I didn't expect this coming the more I was positivly surprised, what a gorgeous first workaway experience! Thanks Alex for your hospitality, trust and cordiality from the first moment on :.

Places: Paris, France

Alex stayed one month at home. I was really impressed by his French level, as he had only learnt this language for one year. He tried to improve it by reading newspaper, talking a lot. Very shy at the beginning, we discovered after few days a very kind guy, very helpful and excellent cooker! He's still in France of a few months, so don't hesitate to host him! I've spent tree wonderful weeks at Alexs home! She's so kind, generous and I felt at home right from the beginning!

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Alex was so nice to lend me and the other workawayers there from time to time her car to visit other villages or explore the nature! The three week at Alex house passed so fast and I highly recommend Alex and her kids as a host! Michal stayed 3 weeks at home. It was an excellent experience, she's very cool, funny, helpful, so nice to the kids I spent lovely moment with her, and she speaks very well French, although she says she doesn't!

She got her driving license the week before she arrived at home, but I have to say, she drives very well in Switzerland, they drive a lot before having the license, much more than in France , so I could lend her my car!